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Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Amant’s Floor Care offers vinyl floor cleaning services that will protect your vinyl floor investment and extend it’s life and appearance.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning St Louis – Amant’s Floor Care

Vinyl flooring is second only to carpet in floor covering sales.  There are three (3) different types of vinyl flooring.  Each has different cleaning needs based on its vinyl content.

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) requires the most maintenance and floor finish applied, regular buffing or burnishing and may require refinishing more times per year depending on traffic.

Vinyl Enhanced Tile (VET) is more resilient to wear and tear, abrasions and indentations and usually needs only a sealer.

Solid Vinyl Tile (SVT) is the most durable and easiest vinyl to maintain.  In most situations, an SVT floor will not need a floor finish to protect it.

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