Ceramic Tile / Grout Cleaning

Amant’s Offers Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning Service to the St Louis Metro Area

Let Amant’s Floor Care protect your ceramic tile investment with a good ceramic tile cleaning and grout maintenance program.

All grout should be sealed unless it is 100% epoxy.  Sealing will prevent moisture, dirt and grime from being absorbed into the grout eliminating unsightly stains, mold and mildew.  Amant’s offers ceramic tile and grout cleaning to the following areas:

  • FLOORS – Residential & Commercial
Our service is comprehensive and ranked among the best of floor cleaning companies in the St Louis area.  Tile is expensive!  Protect the investment in your property and tile and properly cleaning and sealing it with professional tile floor cleaning services.  We have been providing top quality floor care to the St Louis area since 1969, and we don’t plan on doing anything any different.


Use water sparingly when cleaning ceramic tile floors.  Wet mopping carries the dirty water into the grout giving it a gray dirty appearance.  Additionally, we recommend:

  • Always sweep and vacuum dust, dirt, hair and crumbs.
  • Only use moisture on areas where dirt can’t be removed with sweeping (i.e. spills, muddy shoes prints and muddy paws).
  • Seal the grout lines every 1-2 years.  Only the grout needs to be sealed. 

Amant’s Floor Care has provided Ceramic Tile, Grout Cleaning Services and Grout Staining to the St Louis area for decades.  Amant’s Floor Care is recommended by many ceramic floor dealers and installers around the St Louis metro area.  Amant’s is known and respected for their ceramic tile and grout cleaning services.  Our technicians are highly skilled, trained and certified to provide the best ceramic tile and grout cleaning services available.

Naturally, we guarantee our work.  100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is guaranteed!