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Marble Floor Cleaning Services & Stone Floor Cleaning to the St Louis region

Amant’s Floor Care has been in business since 1969.  As times changed, so did the way consumers build homes.  In recent years they have used more marble & stone floors than in previous years, increasing the need for professional Marble Floor Cleaning Services in St Louis.  Amant’s Floor Care adapted & learned the art & value of Marble Floor Cleaning Services.  

Everybody loves marble and other types of stones, but a certain mystique is attached to marble and stone that scares those who know little about it.  This mystique makes one wary of doing anything with their marble or other types of stone because we all know if it’s ruined, it is costly to replace.

Elegant, versatile, and durable as marble and stone are, needs conditioning, cleaning, care, and proper maintenance to preserve its beauty and extend its life.  The maintenance falls on the owner to either reseal the marble/stone or have a professional do it.

Therefore, to remove the fear that marble/stone owners face, we offer the best marble cleaning & restoration service in the St Louis area.

We clean, restore, seal, polish, protect & maintain all types of stone, including floors, countertops, kitchens, backsplashes, and bathroom showers.  We offer complete marble floor & stone floor restoration services by removing scratches, polishing, cleaning & apply impregnating/sealing using our top-of-the-line products.

Our Stone Cleaning Services will clean, restore, seal, polish & protect several hard surfaces, including:


​​Not all Floor Cleaning Companies offer a Marble Floor Cleaning Service.  Our marble/stone, cleaning & restoration service is provided by our highly skilled “certified” technicians.  Our technicians are trained and certified by N.T.C. (National Training Center) to ensure proper cleaning, restoration, and inspection.

Marble Floor Cleaning Services St Louis is our specialty.  It has helped grow our reputation as the best among Floor Cleaning Companies in the St Louis area.

We offer maintenance programs to help you maintain and protect your stone investment.  Your marble/stone floor should be maintained and resealed annually to keep your floors looking new!

Marble/Stone Cleaning Tip – “When caring for our marble or stone surfaces, remember most store-bought cleaners contain acids that will damage their surface.  Sealing your marble or stone will help protect and maintain its beauty.”

Amant’s Floor Care – Marble Floor Cleaning Services St Louis recommends thoroughly cleaning & sealing new marble/stone installations for maximum protection for your marble/stone & grout.

  • Marble should be treated like fine wood.
  • Seal (impregnate) marble and stone floors every year.
  • Do NOT use acid-based cleaners on marble floors, including vinegar.
  • Sweep!  Sweep!  Sweep!

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