Benefits of Amant’s Floor Care Protector

August 6, 2017/Protector is typically used for carpet cleaning but also can be used on your furniture. Essentially, when a spill happens, protector keeps the stain from penetrating the fibers. This is critical because when prevention fails, success in removing spills, is often contingent on getting to the source of the stain BEFORE it penetrates.

In addition, protector helps prevent your carpets from holding and retaining dirt. Time is of-the-essence in maximizing the effect of stains coming in contact with the fibers.

It is a common misconception that treated fabric is impervious to penetration. NO protection is absolute. However, fibers protected with fabric protector will soil more slowly and are more easily cleaned than unprotected fibers.

Protect all your investments, both carpet and furniture before you get that inevitable 1st spill. Call Amant’s Floor Care at 636-458-2500 to learn more and don’t forget to ask about the protector on your next carpet cleaning.